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February is often associated with Valentine’s Day and as such it is promoted as a time to show the person (or persons) you love how much you love them by giving gifts, going to dinners or just staying home and sharing some special time.

Did you know that Valentine’s week has also been designated as National Hospitalized Veterans Week as well and the perfect time to show appreciation for the dedication and service these Vets have given our nation?

At BVL, we want to show our disabled vets and all vets how much we love and appreciate their service, their courage and determination for protecting us and our freedoms.

This month we are asking you to show a vet how much you love them by reaching out to anyone you know who is a vet or by visiting a VA hospital or a state home and offering these courageous men and women a “Have a Heart. Give a Heart” card you can access here and print on white, pink or red paper or any other color of your choice.

Then when you see them, give them the card and just say “Thank You for Your Service.” We know your important gesture will mean so much to them.

They will thank you for remembering them and you’ll feel good all over.

I know we can continue to count on you and your local USBC association to raise money for BVL this year and I sincerely thank you for your efforts.
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Best Regards,

Mary Harrar
Executive Director, BVL