High School Scores

The high school scores will be updated on a weekly basis.

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2018Week 10BoysDownloadView
2018Week 10GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 10Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 10High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 9BoysDownloadView
2018Week 9GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 9Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 9High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 8BoysDownloadView
2018Week 8GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 8Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 8High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 7BoysDownloadView
2018Week 7GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 7Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 7High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 6BoysDownloadView
2018Week 6GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 6Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 6High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 5BoysDownloadView
2018Week 5GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 5Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 5High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 4 BoysDownloadView
2018Week 4 GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 4 Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 4 High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 3 BoysDownloadView
2018Week 3 GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 3 Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 3High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 2 BoysDownloadView
2018Week 2GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 2Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 2High ScoresDownloadView
2018Week 1BoysDownloadView
2018Week 1GirlsDownloadView
2018Week 1Jr. VarsityDownloadView
2018Week 1High ScoresDownloadView