Don’t be confused when the form reads “Application for Employer Identification Number.” Several secretaries have had questions about getting a “TIN” number.

As we mentioned at the meetings you can:

  • go to and
  • select “businesses” at the top of the page then
  • click on the “Employer ID Numbers” under Business Topics, left side of page and that will take you to an area where you can apply for a tax number online
  • click on “Apply for an EIN Number Online”

We suggest that you download the form and fill in only the questions listed below and mail to IRS but if you want to fill out the form online:

  • push the button “apply online” then,
  • begin Application, then
  • check “View Additional types of….”, then
  • check “Other nonprofit, etc.” then
  • continue, then
  • check “Banking purposes” then
  • check “individual” and fill in the questions as asked but only have to fill in the ones listed below:
    • (1) Name of league
    • (3) Executor, etc. (name of treasurer)
    • (4) Mailing address
    • (4b) city, state & zip
    • (7a) Name of principal officer… treasurer’s name
    • (7b) Soc. Security no.
    • (8a) answer “no”
    • (9a) check “Other (specify)” answer Bowling League
    • (10) Reason for applying… check “Banking purpose”–Handle League Funds
  • finally, finish up with your name & title and phone number

If you do not want to fill out the form online, then just download the form, only answer the above questions, and mail to the Internal Revenue Service.