Here we go again….
Time to get the leagues started, work out any rule changes at your league meetings, perhaps elect new officers, and get your bowlers sanctioned.  If you choose to upgrade to 2014-2015 season on your computer programs, awards will not longer print under USBC. You can set up the normal awards under the “Local awards” program. The BA & WBA will issue any old awards left in the office until all is gone then the WBA will be issuing certificates for 125,175,200,250 games & 400,500,600,700 series. We want to celibrate the accomplishments of our members but hope that only those never achieving these awards will ask to receive them.

The first night of bowling can be a hectic time so we would suggest that you fill out most of the sanction form before you start bowling so you can just add the amount of people you are sanctioning and figuring out the money. (30 days time limit to protect your bonding)

Please remember that the fees are: USBC Men – $18.00 and USBC Women – $16.00   ($10 national, $8 Men’s Local, $10 national $5 Women’s Local and $1.00 Women’s State.)
Additionally, the basic membership amounts are USBC Men- $10. ($7 to USBC & $3. local) and USBC Women- $11. ($7. USBC, $3. local $1 State.)LEAGUE must be declared a “basic league”

As a quick reminder, please separate the Men’s cards & money from the Women’s cards & money but all should be sent to 6337 Constitution Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

As mentioned in the league officers meetings in August, we need to have awards submitted to this office within 20 days from when the award was earned. AVERAGE based awards are figured on last year’s average in the same league until bowler gets 12 games this year. (If he or she did not bowl in your league last year then take the highest yearbook average.)

Also, PLEASE remember that when submitting award forms you will need to include a person’s I.D. number on the form. Those numbers NEVER change and FWBA numbers start with 613- and FWWBA numbers start with 3258-. Your league roster that you receive after sanctioning will have the persons number.



Also, check the box that says “omit prev. earned awards” then you will not be printing the same award sheets over again. We have had several leagues that have submitted the same award sheets more than once. Send awards by email, fax or regular mail or drop off at the office.

Please REMEMBER to send in HONOR AWARD FORMS within 20 days of when score is shot.

Please remember it is easy to sign up for the posting of the standings on It’s free.