Information for Secretaries

Need help completing your duties as an officer?   Find helpful resources below.

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Secretary Information

League Quick Start

This checklist is a quick review of the league’s operational duties. The details of each officer’s duties can be found in the Playing Rules book and in the following pages of this manual.

Etiquette Info

A few simple guidelines to help make your bowling experience more pleasurable.

Financial Statement

This sample financial statement can be used to determine your league’s estimated budget, total prize fund, verification of the league’s account, and end of season financial statement.

Rules to Consider

Every league must have rules. This task can be simplified by using the “USBC Adult or Youth League Rules” found on In adult leagues, the board of directors or members must vote on each rule. Pay particular attention to rules covering the items mentioned in this document.


Recent information, posted specifically for secretaries.

Helpful Links & Resources

The USBC section of has League Resources that includes information such as a League Rules, an Operations Handbook, How to Run a Successful League, and much more!

Award Emailing

This document provides helpful information on how to email awards from computer programs.

Award Forms

Download award forms from the Fort Wayne Bowling website by click on this link or going to the Award Forms webpage.