33rd Annual Summit City “600” Buddy Tournament

Entries Close JANUARY 19
ONLINE Entries Close JANUARY 17

PLACE: Thunder Bowl #1
TIME: 12 NOON (Check-In @ 11:30am)
DATE: Sunday, January 21
COST: $40 ($20 Per Bowler) & $1 if 600 bowler isn’t current with dues for Summit City 600 Club

The tournament chairman is Sandy Hall at (260) 410-0964.


$40 ($20 Per Bowler) & $1 if 600 bowler isn’t current with dues for Summit City 600 Club

Make Checks Payable to:
Sandy Hall
6923 Daisy Street
Auburn, IN 46706


Tournament Rules

  1. Each team will consist of one 600 member and one non-member who has NEVER rolled 600 series.  To be eligible for entry, the 600 club contestant must be a member in good standing of the USBC, FWWBA, and the Summit City 600 Club with dues of $1.00 paid for the current season.
  2. This is a doubles tournament – 3 games to be rolled.  Rules governing this event are made by the officers and the Summit City 600 Club, and the same officers shall the power to hear and act on any disputes or protests.
  3. Prize money will be returned 100% with a ratio of 1 out of 4 entries.  The prize list will be paid on a handicap basis only.
  4. Handicap will be figured at 90% of the difference between 220 scratch and contestants highest USBC certified league average as of the end of the 2016-17 season for 21 games or more.  If no 2016-17 league average, use highest current certified league average for 21 games or more effective December 1, 2017.  If no average from last season or this year, bowler will bowl scratch.  The FWWBA average book will be used for verification.  Each bowler is responsible for the accuracy of her average. Failure to use proper average may disqualify her score.  Ten pin Rule 319a-2 DOES apply.  Rule 319a-3 will apply.  Rule 319a-4 will apply.  Rule 319d for previous tournament prize money winnings does NOT apply.  Rules 319e is waived.
  5. No substitutions will be permitted unless such substitute is a member in good standing with Summit City 600 Club (dues paid), FWWBA, and the USBC.
  6. Rule 322a will apply regarding tardy bowlers.  No pacers will be allowed.  Bowlers can only enter once.
  7. Absolutely no refund or money after entry is received and recorded. ENTRIES CLOSE JANUARY 19, 2018.
  8. In case of a tie for 1st place, co-winners will be declared, and 1st and 2nd place prize money equally divided (Rule 326a)
  9. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to arrange the amount of teams on each lane.
  10. Brackets and side pots will be available.
  11. A short meeting will be held immediately after this tournament with all awards and monies handed out at that time. Please make an effort to attend. THANK YOU!!!