91st Annual IN State Women’s Championship

ENTRIES CLOSE: Jan 15, 2018

A handicap tournament consisting of a 4-woman team event, doubles event, singles event and optional 9-game all events bowled in accordance with USBC and IN State USBC WBA rules

WHERE:    Pro Bowl West
WHEN:      Apr 7-8, 13-14-15, 20-21-22, 27-28-29 & May 4-5-6
TEAM:      Sat Only @ 10am & 1:30pm
DBL/SGL: Fri @ 6pm, Sun 9am & 1:30pm

— Money Order or Cashier’s Check ONLY —

Indiana State USBC WBA

Gerri Smolen, Tournament Manager
4261 Westwood Lane South
Chesterton, IN 46304


Additional Information

  • Handicap based on 90% difference between individual average and 220
  • Enter the Team and/or Doubles events any number of times (see rule 9)
  • Squad Leader incentive: $25 for entering 5 teams and $10 for each additional 5 teams
  • “Looking Good” pins will be presented to teams dressed in matching shirts
  • Handicap prize fund: 1-in-8 will cash
  • Scratch prize fund: 1-in 8 will cash & all optional fees will be returned 100%
  • Reservations accepted for four (4) or more teams. Entry forms and fees are due within 30 days of making  reservation or dates will be lost. All other dates and times will be assigned on a first come-first serve basis as completed entries and correct amount of fees are received

Tournament Rules

  1. This is a handicap tournament consisting of a 4-woman team event, doubles event, singles event and optional 9-game all events bowled in accordance with USBC and Indiana State USBC WBA rules.
  2. TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE is $30.00 per person, per event(team, doubles and singles). Optional all events fee is $5.00. Entry fee includes $11.00 prize fund and $19.00 tournament expenses (including lineage). Entries must be accompanied with total fees in the form of a Money Order or Cashier’s check made payable to Indiana State USBC WBA.Refund for overpayment of fees will not be issued for less than $10.00. Any excess monies received will be used to help offset expenses.
  3. SQUAD LEADER INCENTIVE Squad leaders will be recognized on the lanes and receive $25.00 for entering five (5) or more teams. $10.00 will be paid for each additional five (5) teams entered. All entries must be mailed in the same envelope.
  4. OPTIONAL SCRATCH EVENTS will be $5.00 per person/per event. There is no breakdown by division. All optional fees will be returned 100%. Participants who have entered and paid the fees for the regular handicap tournament may enter any or all of the optional scratch events (team, doubles, singles and 9-game all events) by paying the optional fee(s). To be eligible for team scratch all team members must enter. For doubles scratch both partners must enter. Any  participant may enter singles or all events scratch.
  5. Each entrant (or substitute) must be a member of the USBC and an Indiana local association. The entrant must also be a member of the Indiana State USBC WBA by having paid her $2.00 State dues.
  6. AVERAGES: Entrants in the tournament shall use their highest USBC Summer or Winter league average as of the end of the previous season, regardless of whether bowled as a regular or as a substitute provided a minimum of 21 games were bowled. If an entrant does not have , she shall use her highest USBC league average AS OF JANUARY 1 if a minimum of 21 games have been bowled. If an entrant has not established a January 1 average for a minimum of 21 games in the current season, she shall use her highest USBC league average as of the date of her participation in the tournament provided a minimum of 12 games have been bowled. A league standing sheet must be attached to an average certification slip. ANYONE WITHOUT A VERIFIED AVERAGE AS OF THE TIME SHE COMPETES IN THE TOURNAMENT WILL BOWL SCRATCH. USBC rules 319a-2 (10 pin rule), 319d (prize winnings), and 319e (entering average adjustment) will not apply.
  7. Correction of a bowler’s average must be made by the end of the first game. No changes will be made thereafter. Failure to use correct average will result in scores being disqualified and any winnings forfeited if submitted average is lower than correct average. If submitted average is higher than correct average, prize winnings will be based on submitted average. Each bowler is responsible for the accuracy of her average.
  8. HANDICAP is based on 90% of the difference between individual average and 220.
  9. MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION: An entrant may participate any number of times in the team and/or doubles events provided two players are different for team and with a different partner for doubles. Only one singles entry will be allowed.
  10. The first score bowled in any event will be used for an individual’s all events total.
  11. Teams that wish to cross lanes must submit a written request to do so and submit all fees and entry forms in the same envelope.
  12. SUBSTITUTIONS may be made in any event provided a substitution slip with a verified average or league standing sheet attached is presented at the check-in table not later than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled event. If a January 1 or current average is to be used, a league standing sheet MUST be attached. A substitute must take the place in the lineup of the original entrant. When the average of the substitute changes the classification of an entry, such entry shall be reclassified accordingly. A substitute will not be required to reimburse the entry fee paid, nor shall she be expected to give the original entrant any prize money or award she may win. ANY SUBSTITUTE WITHOUT A VERIFIED AVERAGE AS OF THE TIME SHE COMPETES IN THE TOURNAMENT WILL BOWL SCRATCH.
  13. Paid all events are transferable but only if the transfer is made by the tournament manager before either bowler involved has participated in ANY event.
  14. Tournament announcements and practice session shall begin 15 minutes prior to the squad time.
  15. Any player or team arriving after tournament play has begun will receive zero for any frames missed. If a doubles partner does not show when the squad begins, the bowler present may be allowed to bowl her singles event first. If the missing bowler does not show and a substitute cannot be found, the entrant shall be permitted to bowl her doubles event alone for her all events score. Pacers are not allowed.
  16. Drinking or eating will not be permitted in the bowler’s area. Smoking will not be allowed in or outside the bowling center during competition and will be cause for removal from the tournament. Electronic cigarettes will not be allowed in the bowling center during the tournament.
  17. The use of talcum powder, resin, etc., on shoes, or any other foreign substance that in any manner alters the normal conditions of the approach, is strictly prohibited.
  18. Any scoring errors must be called to the attention of a tournament official immediately.
  19. Team captains and doubles/singles participants must check in at least one-half hour before scheduled time to bowl. USBC membership cards are not required unless membership cannot be verified.
  20. TOURNAMENT DRESS CODE: All shirts or blouses must have sleeves. All pants and skirts must be below the knees. No hats will be allowed except for medical reasons. Any apparel with derogatory remarks will not be allowed.
  21. In the event of a tie for first place in any event, scratch or handicap, co-champions will be declared.
  22. No change shall be made in the scheduled time or date, except in the case of an emergency, and approved in writing by the Indiana State USBC WBA Tournament Manager.
  23. Rules governing the Championship Tournament are made by the Indiana State USBC WBA board of directors. This board shall have the power to hear and act on all protests arising from or under construction of the rules of this tournament.
  24. The entrants whose names appear hereon or their authorized replacements hereby agree that the Indiana State USBC Women’s Bowling Association, Inc., its officers and agents shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if and when those entrants shall be prevented from bowling an event in the tournament through unexpected yet necessary schedule change or premature termination of the tournament, which may be brought about by war, national emergency or emergencies, or causes relating thereto or resulting from fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties, or other causes beyond the control of the Indiana State USBC Women’s Bowling Association, Inc.