Octoberfest Tournament

Certified by United States Bowling Congress
Sponsored by Fort Wayne Metro USBC & Thunderbowl #1

WHERE: Thunderbowl #1
WHAT:   9-pin no tap mixed doubles
COST:    $40 per couple

Saturday, Oct 19 @ 11am & 2pm
   Sunday, Oct 21 @ 11am & 2pm


  • Bowl 3 Games, Certified by United States Bowling Congress
  • 100% Team Handicap from 400
  • 1st Place $250 (based on 135 entries)
  • All Prize Money Returned 100% in Prize List
  • Sponsored by Fort Wayne Metro USBC & Thunderbowl #1
  • FREE Frankenstein Fingers, Witches Stew and Grog, & Pretty Poison Punch

Tournament Rules

  1. This is a Mixed Doubles Tournament, 1 man and 1 woman, open to all sanctioned bowlers.
  2. The tournament will be mixed doubles (3) games only. Multiple participation shall be allowed by changing 1 person on
    team. Ten bowlers per lane, if practical.
  3. Bowlers must present USBC membership cards.
  4. Entrants will use their highest USBC sanctioned league average based on a minimum of 21 games of 2018-
    2019 season. If there is no average last year, use highest current average as of time of bowling minimum of 12
    games. All others will bowl scratch – Women 165, and Men 175. When the previous season’s average is used, and at time of bowling an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 10 pins or more higher than the prior season’s average, the current average must be used. No Composite Averages accepted.
  5. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between the combined averages (woman + man) and 400.
  6. Rule 18- Dry towel ruling will be in effect.
  7. Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average, whether submitted by the bowler, or others. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap,the bowler’s score is disqualified. If
    the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average.
  8. All prize money will be returned 100% in prize list. Ratio of prizes shall not be less than 1 prize for each 5 entries.
  9. NO-TAP – all 9 pin counts on first ball scored as a strike – all other leaves scored as usual.
  10. Entry fees must accompany entry. Your first choice will be given unless otherwise notified.
  11. Upon request, bowlers will provide Average and/or Membership Verification.
  12. USBC rules will apply.
  13. Automatic scorers will be used as the official score sheet. Bowlers will certify their score as being correct at the completion
    of each game. This will be the only opportunity to correct any scoring error.
  14. USBC Rule 303 will be in effect. (Right to refuse entry).