2020 Fort Wayne Metro USBC Women’s City Championship

ENTRIES CLOSE on January 10 at midnight.


Tournament Rules

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  1. This tournament is a USBC sanctioned tournament open to all Fort Wayne Metro USBC sanctioned bowlers. This tournament is handicapped at 90% from 210.
  2. A bowler may enter more than once in the four-member team event. However, no more than two (2) players can compete on the same team more than once.
    A bowler participating more than once in the team event. A bowler must count her first score for team, doubles, singles for All-Events. Entrants may bowl
    Once in Singles and Twice in Doubles. No Singles only entries.
  3. Entrants in the tournament will use their highest averages as of the end of the previous season, 21 games or more. If no previous league average, use
    highest current average as of January 1st, 21 games or more. ONLY league average of FW USBC WBA shall be used. The 10 pin rule will be in effect.
    As of January 1st any bowler having a league average, 21 games or more, 10 pins higher than yearbook average bowler will use the current
    average. Average verification forms must be completed by team captain if requested by tournament manager.
  4. 100% of the total amount of prize money shall revert to the prize fund. No refunds after entry has been received and filed.
  5. No entries postmarked after closing date, December 7, 2018. RESERVATIONS will be accepted but MUST be paid by
    the reservation deadline, December 1, 2018, or reservation may not be honored. ALL monies MUST be included with entry blank.
  6. Rules for Divisions are as follows:
    Div. I will be based on Team ave. of 644 and above, Dbles ave. of 322 & above, & singles of 161 & above.
    Div. II will be based on Team ave. of 643 and below, Dbles ave. of 321 & below & singles of 160 & below. This applies only to division separation.
  7. Any player or team arriving late shall begin play and the score(s) shall count beginning with the frame then being bowled.
  8. Any changes in line-ups must be submitted 48 hrs. prior to squad.
  9. All captains MUST report 30 minutes before bowling and will be held responsible for submitting correct averages. No change shall be made in the
    scheduled time or date, except in case of emergency and approved by the Fort Wayne Metro USBC Assoc. Mgr. BUT the Fort Wayne Metro Assoc.Mgr.
    reserves the right to cancel any shift that has less than a reasonable amount of entrants scheduled. NO shift will be cancelled after tournament begins unless
    emergency conditions exist beyond the control of the Fort Wayne Metro USBC.
  10. Breaks for Smoking will be limited by Tournament Staff. DELAYS IN BOWLING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and entrants could be
    disqualified if delays become excessive.
  11. Averages and scores of all winners will be verified. In case of tie for first place in any event, duplicate prizes will be awarded. Average verifications must be
    picked up by captains from the tournament office if you score 2500 team, 1350 doubles, and 675 singles.
  12. Ratio of Prize List will be minimum of 1 prize for each 5 entries.
  13. The Board of Directors of the Fort Wayne Metro USBC shall have power to hear and act on all protests arising from or under construction of the rules of the Fort Wayne Metro USBC women’s championship tournament.
  14. Any team or individual who violates any of the rules set forth herein shall automatically disqualify the team involved, and any score shot with the team
    shall be thrown out. If a team is disqualified for violation of any rules, entry fees, bowling charges and tournament expense shall not be refunded.
  15. Bowling Balls – Any new bowling balls manufactured and approved by USBC not available to all bowlers will not be allowed in the competition.
  16. Rule 18- While bowling in USBC competition, a bowling ball cannot:
       a. Have the surface altered by the use of an abrasive.
       b. Be cleaned with any liquid substance or cleaning agent.
       c. Have any foreign material on it including, but not limited to, powder, rosin, marker or paint. ALL bowling balls so altered or cleaned MUST be removed from the competition.

700 Virtual Doubles Tournament Rules

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  1. This tournament is a USBC certified tournament open to all Fort Wayne Metro USBC women sanctioned bowlers. USBC rules will be in effect.
  2. Teams will consist of one (1) 700 Club member and one (1) non 700 Club member.
  3. This is a virtual tournament. No extra bowling will be done. City Tournament 1st team scores for both bowlers will be combined plus handicap for the total.
  4. The handicap is 90% of 420 combined averages of both bowlers.
  5. Multiple participation is allowed with different partners.
  6. Ratio of Prize list will be minimum of 1 prize for each 5 entries. Prizes for Champions will be awarded.
  7. Payment can be made with regular tournament entry or separate check payable to Fort Wayne Metro USBC.
  8. Deadline is January 10, 2020.
    Fee’s per person: Prize Fee= $4.00, Expense Fee= $1.00, Total per person = $5.00